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Tired of  walking into a car dealership and getting rejected?

We help credit challenged car buyers. You pick the car you want and we can get you approved...


We understand that car buyers with poor credit don't have it easy.  At PreApprovalAutloan.com we help credit challenged car buyers get approved for affordable car options of their choice despite their credit issues.   


Approval Strategy

After our client receives their Pre Approval Auto Loan Package there are (2) strategies that may be used to secure the approval at our client’s chosen auto dealerships.


Present Your Pre Approval Auto Loan Package: The first strategy most commonly used by our client is to simply present their Rental Preapproval Package to property managers or landlords that manage the rental property they would like to be considered for. This strategy comes with 24 hour support from RentalPreapproval.com. We don't stop working with our client until they are approved



What's in the Auto loan Pre Approval Package?

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Credit and Driving History

  • Proof of Income

General Qualifications

  • Proof of Employment

  • Must have proof of identity (Driver's License)

The Process is Simple. Follow these three steps to be approved...

1. SUbmit auto criteria

Submit your auto criteria, identity verification documents, and proof of income. 


2. pre approval package

Receive your Pre Approval Auto Loan Package SAME-DAY, select the best approval strategy to secure the approval at your chosen dealership.

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3. application fee

Our affordable one-time Application Fee Includes 24 Hour Support, the Pre Approval Auto Loan Package, Auto Payment Emergency Fund, and Down Payment Loan Assistance.